Mackenzie Scott

Property Management Assistant

As a PA to the property managers, Mackenzie is involved with all aspects of property management. She enjoys dealing with tasks quickly and productively, and working with the team to provide a high standard of professionalism. She is also keen to provide a high standard of service when working independently.

Mackenzie is involved with general administration and this includes writing up lease agreements, handling specifics such as insulation certifications, and also being involved with general communications to the client community. She has a part to play in marketing through the presentation of information via the internet. She brings skills in editing and design when assisting with various publications. With the development of additional regulations in the real estate and property management industry, it is essential to stay up to date and on time with all aspects of change.

As a receptionist Mackenzie enjoys personal interaction with the clients, where she employs her customer service skills and experience, and knowledge of the most recent developments in the real estate industry.

Mackenzie enjoys working for Whittle Knight & Boatwood Ltd; as a family firm there is mutual loyalty and team spirit which she values, and is part of.

Mackenzie Scott

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